Top 3 Benefits of Using Vegan Skin Care – Even If You're Not Vegan

Top 3 Benefits of Using Vegan Skin Care – Even If You're Not Vegan

Veganism has moved past just being a niche trend; it’s officially mainstream. And, it seems to be a lifestyle choice that’s here to stay. While your mind may immediately go to a bowl of rainbow-colored fruit or a glass of freshly squeezed almond milk, veganism can apply to the worlds of fashion and beauty as well.

A more holistic approach to skin care in particular has been on an unstoppable rise. In fact, Google reported that searches for vegan skin care in the U.S. have grown by a whopping 83 percent. This has resulted in small-batch, cruelty-free skin care brands coming out of the woodwork. Plus, household names like L'Oreal and Neutrogena are moving quickly to put out more “green” offerings. Whether your daily routine involves a simple rinse with soap and water or multiple layers of serums and oils, nowadays you can find a vegan skincare option for every step along the way.

Even if you know you’ll never be able to pass up an extra cheesy slice of pizza or a medium-rare steak on the grill (no judgement here), perhaps you’d like to be a bit more conscientious about what you put on and into your body. After all, our skin absorbs a large percentage of the products we apply to it. Preservatives, chemicals, and toxins? No thanks! Aside from being the cleaner and healthier choice, there are other tremendous benefits of going vegan with skin care.

The label on these products can easily be misinterpreted, though. So, we wanted to clear up some common confusion and chat further about the pros of using vegan skin care – even if you’re not practicing a vegan diet.

The label on these products can easily be misinterpreted, though. So, we wanted to clear up some common confusion and chat further about the pros of using vegan skin care – even if you’re not practicing a vegan diet.

First, what is vegan skin care?

Before we get into the benefits of vegan beauty products, let’s first distinguish what exactly that term means. As the name implies, vegan skincare refers to products that only use ingredients that are derived from plants and nothing from animal byproduct. Vegan and “plant-based” or “cruelty-free” skin care products are often clumped together, but there can actually be quite a difference between them.

“Cruelty-free” skin care simply means the products have not been tested on animals. So, although these are kind to our furry friends, some of the ingredients used may actually be synthetic or animal-derived, such as beeswax, honey, and collagen. The same can be said for “plant-based” skin care. Our point? Make sure you look for that vegan logo and check the label to be 100% certain.

Here’s a list of sneaky ingredients to watch out for when seeking truly vegan beauty products:

  • Lanolin, which is an emollient that comes from sheep's wool
  • Gelatin, which is a thickener that’s usually a by-product of animals
  • Beeswax, which is a thickener that comes from bees
  • Collagen, which is also typically used in moisturizer and is derived from cows or fish

So, why choose vegan beauty products?

You’re probably aware of the reasons that many people choose to follow a vegan diet. Sometimes it’s primarily for health purposes and the desire to eat more whole foods. Sometimes, it’s because of a strong love for the planet and the animals. A lot of the time, it’s all of the above!

The advantages of switching to vegan skin care are quite similar to that of a vegan diet. In fact, we pretty much just hit on the top three benefits! So, let’s dive into them a bit closer from more of a beauty industry standpoint.

Vegan products are amazing for the skin

Vegan skincare formulas are often given a hard time. Are they as effective as “regular” products? Are they more expensive? Is it all just a bunch of snake oil?

The truth is, vegan formulas are much more nourishing and gentler on skin than those that are not. This is because the ingredients of vegan products are often raw and unprocessed. Think about how fresh, plant-based foods like fruits and leafy green vegetables are always recommended for health. The same logic can be applied to skin care and skin health.

Natural, nutrient-rich properites
Just like vegan foods, vegan skincare products are typically rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that have powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. And, these do wonderful things for our precious pores. Often, these come in the form of botanical leaves, seeds, and oils.

Dermatologist-tested and approved
It’s not all hype, either. In fact, vegan skin care has gotten the stamp of approval from many top dermatologists and skin care experts across the globe. “Vegan skin care ingredients are very minimal and natural,” says Julie Russak, MD, of Russak Dermatology Clinic in New York City. “They generally nourish the skin rather than cause irritation. This would be ideal for sensitive skin types or condition-prone skin types that get irritated easily,” she further explains.

As studies continue to show this, vegan-friendly alternatives to traditional skin care are hitting shelves and cosmetic offices everywhere. For example, while retinol has long been the go-to ingredient dermatologists recommend for anti-aging and acne, bakuchiol is the vegan option that touts many of the same benefits without the harsh, unwanted side effects.

Vegan skin care is better for the environment

When choosing to use vegan beauty products, you’re choosing a lifestyle that benefits not only yourself, but Mother Earth as well. This is because meat and dairy animals are major contributors of greenhouse gases – over 6 billion tons each year! Furthermore, these animals take up 80% of the world's farmland while providing only 18% of the world's food calories. Yikes! That’s why going vegan – even if only some areas of life – can drastically reduce your personal carbon footprint and environmental impact on the world.

It’s also worth noting the case of supply and demand here. Making the switch and buying vegan supplements and skincare alternatives will further encourage farmers to put more effort and investment into the crops that create them. Many vegan companies also have a mission to use more sustainable and, often, recycled packaging.

Vegan (and cruelty-free) skin care is good for the animals

This one should be pretty obvious, but in case it’s not, using vegan skin care and beauty products means that no animals were killed, hurt, or exploited in any way through the making of them. So, by simply going vegan with your skin care, you benefit them, too, and will be able to save animal lives along the way. Pretty rewarding, right?

How to truly know if a skincare product is vegan

Unfortunately, when it comes to vegan skin care and beauty products, they aren’t verified or certified by any one governing body. In fact, this is the case for all skin care products currently.

You should and can expect vegan brands to mark it well on their packaging, however. After all, it is a stand-out factor and major selling-point because of the reasons just discussed. You can also look online at – one of the more popular industry organizations – for extra confirmation and inspiration as you add to your skincare routine lineup!

Remember that wellness comes from within

As you can see, there are many benefits of using vegan skin care products even if you’re not a true vegan. If you’re considering making the switch, we’re willing to bet it won’t be one you regret.

On a final note, it should be reminded that healthy, glowing skin starts on the inside. “In order to have great looking skin, you need to make sure that you are eating well,” says Barbara Mendez, an integrative nutritionist. Consider incorporating Dose For Skin shots into your daily routine for an easy way to boost your intake of vital vitamins and minerals, build collagen naturally, and protect those precious pores. Dose only uses complexion-loving, plant-based ingredients such as amla, sea buckthorn, and aloe vera. So, consider this a vegan supplement that will fit right in with your newly adopted skin care regimen.

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