Why Turmeric Is the Superstar Ingredient for Liver Cleansing and Longevity

Why Turmeric Is the Superstar Ingredient for Liver Cleansing and Longevity

A millennia-old staple of Indian cuisine and traditional (Ayurvedic) healing practices, turmeric benefits your liver in ways that satisfy both camps, old and new. In order to best appreciate the health benefits of turmeric and apply them to your own life, it’s important to clear up two common misconceptions. First, understand that curcumin is the most active ingredient in Turmeric – not a separate substance. Second, let’s shed the all-too-convenient belief that one pill or even one week will get the job done. Liver health, like general health, is not an on/off switch.

Now we’re in the right frame of mind to learn about the many turmeric benefits for liver health.

Balancing, Not Masking, the Inflammation Response

However mild it may seem in the case of an ankle sprain or a bug bite, prolonged inflammation is a contributing factor in a dizzying array of diseases. When the liver is inflamed, other parts of the body can be affected – especially the digestive system. This is where turmeric comes in.

As demonstrated in certain studies, we now have scientific proof that turmeric actually aids in the body’s natural inflammation response. Unlike certain drugs that compromise the healthy aspect of inflammation, turmeric’s liver cleansing action echoes the all-important principle of balance. So, it allows your body full use of this inflammation response as it was originally intended.

The Turmeric Liver Cleanse: Nature’s Judgment-Free Rehab

Liver detox is not a delete button: You can’t equate X number of beers to X doses of turmeric and call it even-steven. Still, curcumin benefits the liver greatly by helping to purge it of toxins and ramp up performance.

With the help of the best curcumin supplements, per OSU’s Linus Pauling Institute, you can boost the presence of powerful antioxidant enzymes. This means that turmeric stimulates the liver into releasing these antioxidants as reinforcements. Basically, curcumin has earned membership into a premiere class because of its natural ability to fight aging, liver damage, and many, many more issues related to toxin buildup.

Turmeric for the Liver Actually Helps You Holistically

There’s so much to be gained for even the already-healthy liver from the use of performance-boosting turmeric. In fact, curcumin benefits almost every one of your liver’s functions, many of them spreading to other systems.

For starters:

Helping digestive health
Tucked just behind the liver, the gallbladder is a small organ that releases bile, which help the body to break up fats from food. Who creates and stores the bile? You guessed it – the liver.

Creating clots
Your body needs quick access to the proteins that create healthy clots in order to repair tissue damage. No surprise here: It depends on the liver to create these proteins.

Breaking down nutrients
More than just fats, the liver is heavily involved in processing and breaking down carbs, proteins, and other nutrients. It helps to determine when food is converted to energy or stored as fat.

Bioavailability – It’s a Thing

Turmeric in its natural form – the yellow-orange powder derived from a finger-like root – will not get the job done as it concerns the dosage required to create the above effects. In fact, only three to five percent of the turmeric used in cooking will enter the bloodstream. However, there are ways to dramatically and safely increase this low bioavailability. In doing so, you can access more of the health benefits of turmeric.

The best curcumin supplement, like Dose for liver, achieves 95% bioavailability. We’ve formulated our turmeric liver supplement in a way that the body can quickly and efficiently absorb the curcurim benefits in a safe (and tasty) way..

How to Get the Most Health Benefits from Turmeric

Thanks to the growing body of evidence and widespread endorsement by health experts, the ways that turmeric benefits the liver are becoming widely known. Still, to get to these benefits, we have to respect the way in which our bodies function, heal, and absorb nutrients. We have to appreciate that liver health is an ongoing effort – not a one-time flipping of a switch. Most of all, we have to respect that the body’s systems work together to create a balance.

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