Dose for Your Liver (24 Pack)
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Liver, Let Live.

Dose helps cleanse your liver of toxins, improves metabolism, and maintains your body’s filter to live well each day.*

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What is Dose for your Liver?

Dose for your Liver helps cleanse your liver of toxins, supports metabolism, and maintains your body’s filter to live well each day. Our expertly formulated wellness shot is made with the world’s first bioavailable Curcumin (Turmeric Extract) and is 24x better absorbed in the body than comparable products.

ZERO Sugar & ZERO Calories


Cleanses the Liver and helps break down toxins


Milk Thistle

Promotes and ensures optimal liver function



Stimulates liver for better performance




Helps increase the flow of bile - aids digestion



Helps fight oxidative free radicals


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I have Fatty Liver. The discomfort I have on the right side under my rib case and in my back is daily reminder. I have been researching different teas, shots, etc. that provide liver detox and purification. I've tried a few. I have to admit I was skeptical with this purchase until i received it and drank my first shot. The taste is absolutely amazing and not what i expected! Chill first! Since drinking these ... seriously this is no discomfort under my rib cage. Energy, no pain, bowel regularity and daily detox. This cute little shot packs a nutritional Punch!

Nancy L.
Novi, MI


So far I am loving it! I'm currently recovering from thyroid cancer and my liver has been a bit on overdrive, I am feeling a difference and can't wait to continue using to see how much better it will help clean my liver of toxins.

Rose M.
Austin, TX


Since the pandemic started, I've gotten away from eating good, and started drinking more. My lab results definitely reflected that. My doctor told me to fix my numbers, or else I'm going to have to go to a specialist for my liver. They gave me a month and a half. I did start eating better, and cut way back on drinking, which I'm sure helped, but drinking one Dose a day probably really made my numbers drop! My doctor was amazed at how good I've done. I'll continue to keep being healthy, and drinking my Dose a day!

Jarrod R.
La Porte, TX

Dose for Your Liver (24 Pack)
36 reviews
Free shipping on all orders

Liver, Let Live.

Dose helps cleanse your liver of toxins, improves metabolism, and maintains your body’s filter to live well each day.*

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