Liver Function Test
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Dose’s Liver Function Test provides you with a comprehensive breakdown of your liver biomarkers as well as a custom support plan that helps you improve your liver enzyme function and supports long-term liver health.

This testing kit includes:

  • Alcohol pad
  • Bandage
  • Blood sample return bag
  • Collection card
  • Gauze
  • 2 lancets
  • Return mailer bag

This test is for you if you

  • Are interested in learning more about your liver health
  • Have recurring headaches or mood swings
  • Feel discomfort in your upper abdomen
  • Experience fatigue, low energy levels or brain fog
  • Have unexpected rashes, acne, or yellowing skin
  • Have a family history of liver health issues

What you’ll learn


Your test results are emailed to you with an explanation of what each enzyme level being measured means: ALT, AST and GGT


Your test results are analyzed to give you a better understanding of any potential concerns to your liver health

Support Plan

You will receive a support plan with recommendations for dietary, lifestyle, and supplement habits

How it works

1. Order Test Kit

Once you purchase a testing kit from Dose, all required materials will reach you within 2-3 business days

2. Collect and Ship Sample

Follow the included instructions to ensure proper sample collection. Mail your sample using the prepaid shipper directly to the lab for analysis

3. Receive Results and Recommendations

Your results will be processed by a certified lab and emailed over to you. You will also receive a support plan with dietary, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations based on your results

What’s being measured


ALT is an enzyme that is present in high concentrations in the liver. Damage to the liver cells will lead to the increase of leakage of ALT into the bloodstream.

ALT levels takes longer to normalize, so the enzyme often correlated to longer-term liver issues.


AST is an enzyme that is present in the liver and other highly metabolic tissues. Damage to the liver cells will also lead to the increase of leakage of AST into the bloodstream.

AST levels can be normalized in a shorter period and are sometimes related to cardiovascular health.

Glutamyl Transferase

GGT is an enzyme that is also found in high concentrations within the liver. Higher than standard levels of GGT indicate unhealthy liver function.

GGT levels are often correlated with gallbladder health.

Importance of Liver Health

From the brain to the skin and everything in between, the liver is the largest internal organ in the body and it goes through 30,000 enzymatic reactions per second.

Your liver acts as a filter for materials that enter your body, thus gatekeeping the rest of your body’s core functions while maintaining a balance to its internal environment.

The liver also carries out many additional roles — about 500 every day, to be precise — that are lesser-known. So, while the liver is primarily described as a complex filtering device, it also acts as a point of interconnection with numerous other major organs and functions.

Negative Impact of Excess Liver Fat

One of the most common forms of issue to the liver is the development of excess fat buildup around the liver. 30% of Americans experience excess liver fat buildup and need additional support for their livers to function properly.

This can occur due to an unhealthy diet, frequent drinking, constant stress and even liver enzyme imbalances stemming from aging.

Fatty buildup can also occur over the course of years while remaining undetected. In fact, 30% of Americans experience excess liver fat buildup and need additional support for their livers to function properly.

Sugar Metabolism

Alongside the pancreas, the liver helps metabolize all the sugars in our bodies, storing and releasing glucose depending on when we require it.

Increased Lipid / Fatty Acid

The liver creates necessary cholesterol from ingested food to support cell maintenance and hormone generation. When this process is disrupted, it can instead lead to suboptimal cholesterol levels.

Digestive Health & Bile Flow

The average healthy adult liver produces 400 to 800 milliliters of bile per day, which is used for breaking down fats into fatty acids. Excess fat in the liver can impact digestive health and the flow of bile from the gallbladder.

Skin Issues

The liver synthesizes collagen as well as essential vitamins that help maintain healthy skin (such as Vitamins A, E, D, and B complex).